Are You an Artist? It Doesn’t Matter, You Should Still Make Art

I’ve been struggling with calling myself an artist for some time now. I used to be all about saying, “I’m an artist,” but feel more like a content creator suits me better now. Although it’s a funny turn of phrase to start into the music industry and hear singers/performers being called artists all over again. 

I make things. Yes, I went to school to learn how to make more things, but I knew how to make most of the things I made already, everyone does and if you don’t, you can learn.

Art is available for anyone to make and create.

I feel like I’ve stepped away from art, because I didn’t want to be an elitist about it. I want everyone to be able to create and if I labeled my art as art that people should buy so I can make a living from it, it seems I’m putting my art above the rest and I don’t want to do that. I do want to encourage everyone to make art and that everyone can make amazing art. You don’t have to go to grad school (or drop out) to make amazing, beautiful creations, everyone can. Everyone is a creator.

Back when I was calling myself an artist, I probably would have struggled to agree with the above comment, I grew up when iPhone were starting to popularize and threatening the photography industry in which I worked because, “everyone is a photographer” nowadays. Boy, is that even more true now with the generation of phones. Sometimes I’m working with my professional level digital camera and think: my iPhone would take a better better photo. So I use it! Use the tool that fits the medium. 

With AI making anyone who can string a few words together a digital image creator, art is ever more accessible than it was when I first started trying to get into art. 

Does anything distinguish the professionals from the hobbyist anymore? I think not. The internet has created a whirlwind for exposure and connections with a first time creator being able to post and share their work with the potential to be exposed to the masses. If you are reading this and are trying to call yourself an artist, you now probably know that your “competition” has opened up to nearly anyone who knows how to create and use an iPhone. But let’s not call it competition, let’s call it freedom of expression, because not everyone is trying to make it as an artist. But everyone should be free to expression themselves in whatever medium they choose. 

Art, music, dancing, expression is some of the cheapest therapy that’s generally easily accessible. If you don’t have money to buy an instrument, make music with your mouth, sing, clap your hands, find a bucket and a spoon to bang on, paint with mud, there are so many ways to express and share your creations and inspire others.

So go out and create or watch/read a tutorial and learn to create what you’ve always wanted to. You can do it.

I want to say a special thank you to The Colorwheel Kids (quote below), when I read Taylor’s post, this really cemented what had been going on in my brain for so long and I started to write this post. Everyone is a creator and we all have different abilities and need to share them. Everyone is an artist. 

Here’s one of my favorite creations, perhaps it can inspire you?

Wim Hof Style Guided Breath Meditations: Hypoxic Breathwork

Practice hypoxic breathwork with these Wim Hof styled tracks, there are a variety of meditations to help you hack into your autonomic nervous system and lead a healthier, happier life. From alleviating depression to helping manage autoimmune conditions, these meditations are the best for a lasting fix, especially if you’ve had problems with trying to meditate before.

Take a listen here on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, Audible, or your other favorite streaming platform.

The first two tracks are created in collaboration with Innate Your.

These exercises are designed to help people who have some experience with the Wim Hof method and know the methodology to the breath cycles. There are no words in most of the tracks, just tones at 440 Hz to indicate when to breathe and when to hold. Please research the method and listen to other guided tracks before embarking on using these tracks. Wim Hof offers an app that has online resources to help guide you through the process. Chris Wurden and Chuck McGee III have several tracks available online that I enjoy breathing along with, and I’ve learned much from their sessions.

This wouldn’t be a brief introduction to Wim Hof, without mentioning cold showers. I’ve heard so many good things about them and keep putting them off because of the physical discomfort. I would expose myself to the cold and start sputtering and freaking out, but I started in again and again with the 15 second cold shower at the end of my hot bath and eventually found them tolerable. Now I even look forward to them, crave them, in fact. Yes, there is the gasping and the weird sensation of fighting being in the cold, but there’s something else I’m slowly tapping into. With the number of different sources that keep saying to take cold showers or have some sort of exposure to cold water, there must be something to it. So here I am, a doubter, doing it and stimulating my vagus nerve. Anna Lembke explains the phenomenon in her book Dopamine Nation by suggesting the pain of the cold shower helps even out our brain’s constant need for greater and greater pleasurable input. By experiencing the painful cold, we can help reset the body and induce a pleasurable state after removing the painful stimuli. “Pain is the price we pay for pleasure, so too is pleasure our reward for pain.” Give it a try, just a little bit of cold water at the end of your hot shower is the first step.

I’m not a certified practitioner of the Wim Hof method, however, I do have a 30 hour breathwork certification, am a Reiki Master, have practiced the method countless times, and have read The Wim Hof Method. I created these tracks to help with my individual practice and hope they help you with yours as well, but use them at your own risk. I am not liable for any harm that may come to you due to use or misuse of these tracks. Do not practice these breathing techniques while operating a vehicle or in or near water.

I suffer with autoimmune, digestive, and stress issues and find in some situations a few rounds of Wim Hof can greatly reduce my symptoms. I find it amazing that in a scientific research study, participants practicing Wim Hof were completely able to stave off any ill effects from E. coli.

There are several methods to the breath when it comes to holding in and out. Start by taking 15–40 deep breaths in and out in a two part fashion. Breathe into your diaphragm, take the second part of the breath into your chest, then release and let the breath go naturally.

The straightforward approach, which is what all the tracks in this album are programmed for, is to breathe out to a neutral position and hold the breath out of the body for as long is as easily possible, then breathe in fully and hold at the top for 10–15 seconds. If you are like me, pre-asthematic and with autoimmune issues, you may find holding the breath out of the body for two minutes to be impossible, and that’s ok. Start with aiming for 10 seconds and see if you can work up to 30. Come as you are, where you are. The first several tracks have a shorter hold period than is standard for the Wim Hof Method because I’m nearly never able to hold that long. So if you are starting out too, not feeling well, or have some underlying conditions, try the short holds. As you progress, you can try some of the longer holds or try extending on your own. Please note if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, or have any other health concerns; ask your doctor before beginning a new practice such as this.

You can breathe in and out through your nose for relaxation. In through the nose, out through the mouth for balance. In and out through the mouth to cultivate energy. If you breathe through your mouth, you will be moving more oxygen around and be more likely to be dizzy. Be sure to practice these exercises while lying down or seated and in a safe area where if you lose consciousness or fall, you will not be injured.

After the external breath retention, breathe in through your nose so you can absorb the nitric oxide you’ve produced into your system, then hold at the top of your breath for 10–15 seconds. Relax around the breath as you hold it inside of your body. This shouldn’t be a holding of your breath, but rather a pausing of the next action of exhaling. Then release and start the next round of inhales.

Find your own pace and rhythm that works best for you. I have a Patreon page where you can submit a custom request for your own breath track. I offer these as guides for you, but find what works best for you and your body and listen to your needs.

Remember, health and healing are a process that must be attended to daily. Take a commitment to yourself right now to stick to doing a breathing meditation practice every day for at least 21 days in a row and rewarding yourself for practicing. By integrating positive habits into your routine, you are setting yourself up for success and your best possible life. Happy breathing.

Roe vs Wade Poem

Today I’m bleeding,
Mourning the loss,
Of a woman’s right over her own body.

I’ve been protesting with my consent.
No heterosexual sex until I see progress.
But how long will my male partner tolerate this?

I can’t take the risk,
That next month I won’t be bleeding,
And have no options of what to do about it.

I Want to Get an Abortion

Listen to the song

I want to get an Abortion Lyrics

Don’t let this law repeal come through
If you ever want me back on top of you
Roe vs Wade has been my right since birth
Don’t make me go back to coat hanger days 

I want to get an abortion
I want to get an abortion
Don’t tell me to think about it or maybe next time 
I want to get an abortion

Guess we’d better learn to lick it like a lesbian
Because there’s not a dick out there that’d I’d want to screw
Fuck you, and fuck you, and fuck you too
Get your hands up off of my reproductive system

I want to get an abortion
I want to get an abortion
I want to get an abortion
I want to get an abortion

How to play this on the guitar, using power chords.
Pick the verses, strum the choruses.

Statement from the artist about this song: I’ve played it safe my whole life. I don’t like to disagree with people. I’d much rather find a compromise, than voice my own opinion. I’m not too terribly opinionated even, my stance on most things is: well if you can do it without causing too much negative impact for others go for it. I can usually see both sides to everything. I’m all about peace, love, rainbows, kitties, and everyone getting along. Compassion and trying to understand people is one of my core values. This punk song feels off brand with everything else I’ve produced as an artist. But I hit a brick wall of no, you are wrong, when I started seeing things about how the pro-lifers were trying to take our choice away. (I do find this issue to be a bit funny before all this because usually it’s pro and anti, but both sides are pro. You’ve got to take your humor where you can find it.) 

This feels like the first time I’m stepping out and showing my political values, because my rights as a human being are being threatened. I’ve had an abortion before. I was a 20 year old, in college, dating a guy that wasn’t great, and we weren’t ready for a child. I had gone back and forth for a while about keeping it or not, but I finally decided not to because I was 10 weeks in and exhausted. I remember coming home from school and taking a shower while lying down because I was too tired to stand any longer. If this was only 10 weeks, what would the rest of the pregnancy have looked like? I was afraid to find out. When I went to the abortion clinic, two hours away and out of state, they talked about how much safer and abortion was than going through with a full term pregnancy. A woman’s life is in danger when she is pregnant. More women in America die from childbirth than in most other countries. 

I feel passionately that an alive person’s life shouldn’t be put at risk, because of a potential person is living inside of them. Especially if there are any extenuating circumstances. Even if there are not any extenuating circumstances, if a woman doesn’t want to go through with a pregnancy then she should have the option to safely have an abortion. Because if a medically sanctioned abortion is no longer an option, some women will still continue to abort their pregnancies in an unsafe manner. I would. 

If Roe vs Wade is repealed I feel like many women will die in unwanted childbirth and from unsafe abortions. How many deaths is it going to take to reinstate this human right? 

If this is overturned, I’m seriously considering not sleeping with men anymore. I’m a bisexual woman and my body doesn’t get on well with any of the four kinds of birth control I’ve tried. The most obvious thing I can think of is to quit having sex with men if abortion is no longer a right for me. What about you?

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Day 2: Guided Imagery: Forest Bathing

Listen to this guided meditation here:

Today we will be going on an imagery adventure in our own minds. 

The mind can be a beautiful and amazing place to live if we cultivate it. That’s what we are going to do today: start sowing the seeds to create a beautiful outdoor scene in our own minds.

Ok, enough with the plant analogies, you know we are headed out doors. If your location and climate make for an easy and pleasant escape outdoors, head out there for this guided meditation and keep your eyes open while noticing the greenery that surrounds you. If you are in a cold climate like I am, keep your eyes closed and let your imagination do the work. 

Settle in, be comfortable, and find a position you will be able to maintain for the next several minutes. 

Take a few deep breaths to settle yourself. Breathe in. Breathe out. Inhale. Exhale and relax. Let your mind create an image of each detail. 

Envision yourself stepping outside into a calming, cool forest. Fog hangs low in the trees and you can feel the dampness of night lingering in the air as the first rays of sun push their way into the undergrowth. The leaves are crisp and crunch under your feet and you slowly walk. Fall has just begun and most of the leaves still remain on the branches. Sunlight filters through and lights them up like a warm rainbow. Bright, vivid, yellow, deep orange, and firework red leaves greet your vision as you stare up at the branches. You notice how close the trees are together in the forest, yet they each have enough space to receive their own sunlight and don’t crowd one another. 

You pick a spot in the canopy and trace the branch of the tree trunk, noticing the texture of the bark. As your eyes scan down to ground level you imagine the inverse of the tree below ground spreading out in the form of roots. You know that mycelium connects all the plants in the forest and see it as the connective tissue that forms together under this living network of decaying plant matter that you stand upon. You bend down and lift up a small piece of rotting log: mushrooms, the fruiting body of the mycelium. You wonder at how large their connective root system might be as the calming scent of moist plant matter greets your nose. You breathe in the scent again and find yourself drawn to become close to all the magic that wanders in nature. You lay down and your gaze is directed up to the canopy of thinning leaves. You get lost tracing patterns in the branches against the sky and your thoughts expand upwards towards the cosmos. As you think about the interconnectivity mirrored in the stars and the vastness between planets and worlds, a gentle breeze blows through and some of the leaves drift down toward you. A particularly large and beautiful leaf lands on you. You pick it up and examine its intense color and vividness. You can see the cells of the leaf with little dots in each of them. You look at the stem and see yet another mirroring of the tree’s branch system in the palm of your hand. You let the leaf go to rejoin the other leaves on their life cycle of decay, nourishment, growth, life, and death; and see a fern nearby. You gaze at the stomata on their leaves, much like the dots on the brightly colored leaf you just held, admiring the respiration of plants and following the intricacy of the fern leaves down to the forest floor where bright green moss meet your gaze. How wonderful is it that these two plants reproduce by spores so small that they can be carried on the wind. You wonder one more time about the mystical scent of the forest as you feel the moisture of the morning on your skin and close your eyes, relaxing into the forest and feeling at one with nature. 

When you are ready, come back to your body by slowly beginning to wiggle your extremities. Take an extra moment as you are coming up to feel gratitude for the transformational powers of your mind and the wildness that is nature. See if you can find yourself with a spare moment today to whisper thank you to a tree or a plant that is in your environment and think of a way you can bring more nature into your daily life. Thank yourself for taking this time to cultivate your meditation practice.

Sticker Sheet for Tracking Your 21 Day Meditation Challenge

Here is your habit tracker for the 21 day guided meditation challenge that is about to start soon! I’m starting it on January 1st and I hope you join me as I work through each day. I’ll be posting the written script for each day here along with the link to listen on your favorite streaming platform. Listen with me as we deepen our guided meditation practice. 

Listen here:

Join my Facebook group to stay motivated throughout the challenge and connect with other people meditating:

Free downloadable, high quality WAV files for Patreons only:

Printable chart

2021 Year End

2021 the year of yoga, breathwork, mediation, reiki, dramatic diet changes, stress reduction, song creation, and healing.

2021 Missions Accomplished, Learned, and Manifestos

Breathe deeper.

Create room for relaxation.

Writers are vessels waiting to be filled then pouring out. I want to be a writer. Writer: people who become fascinated by a concept and investigate it deeply until they become a near expert and share what they’ve learned with others.

Believe things are so and they will become so: manifesting into your life.

Assume all women are interested in me sexually until proven otherwise.

Don’t cling to the past and preconceptions. Expectations set us up for dissatisfying experiences in the present. Set low expectations to achieve happiness.

No sex=creative output, because sex is it’s own creative output.

Trust myself. Trust those around me. Trust leads to happiness.

Multiple professional fields lead to happiness: it keeps things interesting.

Crap art is the same as crap in farming: fertilizer: the geography of bliss. Make crap so you can keep making and make better.

January 22nd, 2021 This is the day I released my first singing single.

I love making music videos!!!! To my own-ish music!!!!!!

I am fulfilled creatively.

Making yourself feel successful and proud may not bring you any views or recognition. “You can’t choose what you are famous for.” So make what you want to!

Squirrels are loud  (running on the roof).

Sand is omnipresent.

I went free diving and kayaking for the first time in the Keys!

We tend to romanticize and positively embellish rememberences of the past, therefore we long for what never really happened.

The word is lighter when you are enlightened.

June: I am becoming whole. Holistic. Eating for my health (AIP/Paleo). Breathing deeper, with more intention, and paying attention. My breath has healed me and created better patterns in my day to day. I’ve become strong, embodied, by practicing yoga. I only wish that I had become this alive earlier in my life. I wish I had known how to fully take care of myself, to heal, earlier. I now want to spread awareness to others so they may lead their best lives starting immediately.

June: I’ve been trying to quit modeling online for several years but was trying to replace it with ???  Maybe music or going back to being a safer for work creator but now I’ve found a new path: a yoga and breathwork practitioner. I have something I can fill the void with wherever I go and can serve me for many years while improving my health and expanding my knowledge. I like this new path. 🙂

By June I think I’ve fallen off nearly completely on my 30 days of something but I don’t think without it I would have been able to be where I am now. I’m doing more: singing, dancing, eating of nutritious foods, yoga, meditating, and breathing. Thank you 28 year old self for finally knowing, understanding, and getting on track. 🙂 I love you.

This is the year I’ve gotten well. But it wouldn’t have been possible without the work I put in last year. I’d never dieted before last year. And I don’t mean for weight loss, I mean just not eating everything in sight that was available because I liked the taste. I eat for my health now (mostly) and am so proud and find the results to be profound. I even feel like I’m creatively unstuck: I’ve discovered breathwork, yoga, song/audiobook creation, and singing. I’m finding a new way to put out through different channels and outlets the creative potential that’s within me. I couldn’t figure out where to sink my energies, but now I feel called to heal myself and help others on this whole body journey through food, physical movement, positive thinking, and breath.

June 2nd I went ziplining for the first time!

July 8th 2021 I taught my first yoga class [and taught so many more thought the year!]

IN reference to modeling: creativity from the other side of the camera

September is for Chakras and making meditation music and sounds and singing.

a moment of pure bliss: eating strawberries naked in the backyard sitting in the pool. ❤

Creating songs, nature tracks, and guided meditations has been my focus this year in terms of content creation plus music videos. I’ve still been doing the OF and Patreon thing, but my focus/time/energy is on other content creation!!

Found The Energy Codes exercises work for easing pain!!!!!!! Squeeze the root chakra (mula bandha) and where it hurts, 1,000 tiny straws. This was the true key to unlocking so many more good belly days for me.

Loved the 21 day mind hacking aka meditation challenge.

My day is better when I start it with meditation.

June: White/silver/gold little sparkles, mostly in nature but it feels like the energy of the world is trying to break through and speak to me. And my intuition began to emerge. I remember I used to have it when I was a child, a deeper connection and I’m ready to reconnect and listen to it. Intuition tells me which routes to take when I’m walking or driving, it helps me with food if I listen. October: I saw Erin’s aura and in November (reiki) Joe’s; I tend to see them when it is a low light situation.

I get obsessed with learning then am not into it so much eventually. 😛 It is a cycle: depression, finding something new and loving and being obsessed, feeling like there is too much to do, slowly dropping it, realizing I’ve dropped too much and don’t have any more projects, cycle.

I got to see a lantern release but from afar, I think I have done one before but would love to do more and more.

A magically red moon that turned orange greeted us as we sat on the porch and darkness walked in.

For the first time I feel like the “musical” creations I’m working on are what I should be creating and contributing to the world. Spreading the word about breathing, self love, and making healing tracks. Yes!

Words and music move through me. It is my job to birth them into fruition.

I need more instruments that let anyone feel like they can play even if they have no musical inclination: instruments that sound great when all the notes are played together or just strummed.

It is amazing how a specific meditation can help me sing on pitch: learning the throat chakra.

I’m lazy. Sometimes?!? Hopefully less soon. I almost want to do mushrooms to get me out of this laziness. But then I did kick in for the last three months of the year on high create mode.

There is such a thing as being too agreeable.

Making tiny goals, writing them down, checking them off, makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something. And you have!

Reikied the trees at my country home. Reiki into the wind.

Mission dancing accomplished with TikToking and Instagram Reels.

I’m working on and getting back in touch with my intuition.

Reiki, releasing trapped emotions, learning The Energy Codes, breathwork, meditation.

I really loved working on the set of Nudism.TV. I want more days to be like this…what if…I hired a part time production crew? Can I get my YouTube/creation outlet and getting paid platform to support me and several other part time creators? Like once a week, super high quality productions? What is something we can sell/make streaming revenue from?

I’ve been wearing a dancing dress leotard and think it could also be my secret to success. Or morning meditation. Or eating plant based, mostly vegan, little to no sugar, minimal chocolate.

I don’t feel like I’ve fully figured out what is wrong with my belly but here are a few things: I react a lot from stress in bad ways, I used to let my emotions over run and get the best of me, these contributed to my stomach issues, along with eating eggs, nuts, anything processed or with sugar, and sometimes meat. If I just eat whole foods, mostly fruits and veggies I seem to be ok. But it is so hard to do this, but it continues to get easier and easier the more I do it.

It is a great idea to hang out in a bathtub together with your friends. 🙂

Watch more documentaries instead of mindless, repetitive TV. Or no TV. 🙂

I learned so much about music!!! I’m so glad to have dived into this whole new region of learning and expression this year. I love dancing and singing and all the new knowledge I’ve gathered about recording and how simple a song can be, you don’t have to have 25 different instruments and all sorts of crazy stuff: you can just do it. 🙂 Make a song!!! Express, sing, enjoy!!

December 1st: kundalini awakening

UCSW at our house!

Sleeping stresses me out: trying to go to sleep, clenched jaw when I wake up. And I’m trying to restructure that, it seems to be working.

I still dream of leaving this all behind and running into the stars/beaches/health foods/ashram/somewhere warm, full of only healthy food, lovely people, and yogas, like there is another life/family out there waiting for me.

Traveled 2021

April 13th & 14th St. Louis

July 2nd Squire Boone Cavern

July 16th-20th Brianne Blu in Wisconsin 

July 28th Cincinnati

July 29th Collumbus

July 30th-August 2nd Bridgeport, NJ Ivy Lee & Greg Gardener & Prana Machine & Astrid Kallesen

August 3rd-6th Darien, Connecticut 

August 6th-8th Bay Harbor, Maine 

August 9th Catskill Mountains

August 10th Cooperstown, NY 

August 11th Lake Erie

August 12th big drive from cleveland and home

August 24th Paducah, KY

October 27th to Fairmont, WV

October 28th-31st Zion Grove, PA and Shenandoah, PA

October 31st to Port Matilda, PA 

November 1st Port Matilda, PA

November 2nd to Cleveland, OH 

November 3rd-5th Cleveland, OH

November 5-6 to Wilmington Ohio then homeward

It’s Christmas Time

It’s that time year! When everyone is spreading even extra joy and cheer than usual. 🙂 Let’s celebrate the season with this Christmas song. This has been my all time favorite song I’ve been involved with creating this year. Here’s to 2021 and the many songs we’ve created, I wonder what 2022 hold: let’s get working on those goals and find out! Thank you for sticking with me on this wonderful song creating journey.

Listen on your favorite streaming platform:


The snow falling down
The streets without sound
It cozy inside 

It’s Christmas time 
It’s Christmas time 

And I can’t wait for Christmas this year with you
And I can’t wait for Christmas this year with you

Families gathering 
Children choirs sing 
Of peace on Earth
Fire dancing
The chestnuts roasting

It’s Christmas time 

The snow falling down
The streets without sound
It cozy inside 

It’s Christmas time 
It’s Christmas time 

And I can’t wait for Christmas this year with you
And I can’t wait for Christmas this year with you

Hope is rising
Church bells ring
There’s joy tonight

The year is ending
But there’s still time to sing

It’s Christmas time
It’s Christmas time

The snow falling down
The streets without sound
It cozy inside 

It’s Christmas time 
It’s Christmas time

Created and produced by Dana Miller of Hillside Recordings

Album cover created in collaboration with Kiingster.

If you’d like to be the first to see my music videos and hear my songs, subscribe to Jenna Citrus — Topic on YouTube or follow my Patreon page

Playlisted here:
Festive Songs

Meditation Music for Global Coherence

Would you like to relax and free yourself from stress? The first step is to slow down and connect to your breath. Sync your breath pattern to each tone of the instruments to bring your body into coherence. What is coherence? Global coherence can be achieved by slowing your breath pattern down to 5 to 6 breath cycles per minute which equates to breathing in for 5 or 6 seconds, then breathing out for 5 or 6 seconds with an even, balanced breath. This audio recording explores the 5.5:5.5 second balanced breath pattern which brings your heart and emotions to an ideal state of rest and relaxation. You can learn more about Global Coherence by visiting and diving into some of their studies about the breath. The way you breathe affects your heart rate and your heart rate affects the vibrational forces in and around your body. The Heart Math Institute states that even if only some people in the world are practicing a slower breath pattern, like 5.5:5.5, they can help the entire world achieve a higher state of well being. Do you want to be the force for positive change? Why not start with cultivating health and wellness in your own body then slowly help to heal those around you and work towards healing the world. Start with this breath, right now.

Choose your favorite streaming service and enjoy breathing to the rhythm of 5.5 for each inhale and exhale with breath cycles at 5.5 per minute with this entire album! Meditation Music Global Coherence

Check out Gavin’s work on etsy, he did the artwork for the album cover!